Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling in Corpus Christi, TX

If you’re a Corpus Christi, Texas, resident, and you’re looking around your home, you might sometimes feel like it could use an update. You can paint, redecorate, or do all kinds of other things. Many homeowners, though, understand that to make the most significant impact, you need to update two particular areas, those being your kitchen and bathrooms.

Bathroom Remodels

That’s where Expert Maintenance Solutions comes in. We specialize in custom renovations when you’re ready to give your kitchen or bathroom the facelift it needs.

Maybe you have outdated bathroom fixtures that haven’t been stylish since the middle of the last century. Imagine how different your bathroom will look once we install some new tile backsplash to give the place some color and pizzaz.

Homeowners often ask us to come up with complete walk-in shower solutions if they’re tired of cramped showers that don’t give them the space they need. We can sit down with you and speak about new brass or stainless-steel fixture options, and we have a full line of decorative tiles as well.

Kitchen Remodels

Once your bathrooms are in top shape, it’s time to move on to the kitchen. A kitchen is a home’s nerve center. It’s where you cook, and it’s where people congregate. You won’t be comfortable there until you decorate it and repair any faulty plumbing or other troublesome issues.

We can certainly handle that for you, and we can also help you out in the areas of new cabinetry and countertops. If you feel like you need new lighting, a different paint color, or backsplash options to tie the room together, our representatives can guide you in the right direction with all of that.

The Western Gulf Coast region can benefit from our 35-plus years of industry experience, as well as the South-Central and Southern parts of the state.

If it’s time to revitalize your kitchens and bathrooms, contact Expert Maintenance Solutions and make your dream bathroom or kitchen space a reality.